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The 50 Dollar Gold Coin

Investing in gold coins had become increasingly popular in recent years with the decline of the value of the dollar and uncertain economies worldwide. The one ounce 50 dollar gold coin is one of the most popular investment vehicles for investing in gold.

The most commonly available modern gold coins in the 50 dollar domination that are the American Eagle 1 ounce coin, the American Buffalo 1 ounce coin and the Canadian 1 ounce Maple Leaf.

Coins for Bullion Value

These modern 50 dollar gold coins are a convenient way to own gold. There is a very active market for these coins making it easy to buy and sell them at relativity low premiums over their gold value.

Smaller or less popular gold coins sell at higher premiums, meaning that you will receive less gold for the same amount of funds invested.

Collecting 50 Dollar Gold Coins

If you are a coin collector that wants to place some of your assets into gold, building a modern gold collection may be just the ticket for you.

While you will pay a higher premium for proof coins and harder to find dates most of the value of any collection of modern gold coins be found in the gold content.

Proof Gold Coins

Proof gold bullion 50 dollar gold coins

Proof US Gold Bullion Coins

Proof versions of these 50 dollar coins are available for most years. These proof coins are an excellent way to both invest in gold and build a beautiful collection.

The proof versions are usually produced with special dies as well as especially prepared blanks and each coin is struck several times. This process produces mirror like flat surfaces and very detailed designs. Check out Endeavor Metals, one of the best places to buy and sell gold bars or coins in West Palm Beach.

You can purchase the current year proof gold American Eagle and Buffalo coins directly from the US mint. Proof Maple Leafs are available during the year of issue from the Royal Mint. Older issues can be purchased from gold brokers and coin dealers.

Uncirculated Gold Coins

Most modern gold bullion coins are fall into the classification of uncirculated. A program aimed at collectors began in 2006 when the US mint started making available directly to collectors uncirculated American Eagles with the W mint mark. These uncirculated coins are struck on selected blanks as well as being hand loaded into the press which produces very high quality coins.

Types of 50 Dollar Gold Coins

Listed below is a little information about three popular 50 dollar gold coins. There have been other 50 dollar gold coins issued in recent history such as the 50 dollar 1915 Panama-Pacific commemorative gold coin.

There are other modern 50 dollar gold coins not so well-known such as the Australian 50 dollar Kangaroo gold coin series which contains ½ ounce of gold.

US – American Eagle

American Eagle 50 dollar gold coin obverse

American Eagle 50 Dollar Gold Coin

The American Eagle has become the world’s most popular gold coin thanks to both its beauty and a guarantee by the US government as to its purity.

The 50 dollar Gold Eagle contains one ounce of gold plus silver and copper to harden the medal. The actual composition is 91.67% gold, 3% silver and 5.33% copper. This makes a 22 karat gold alloy and each coin actually weighs 1.0909 troy ounces, giving you one ounce of gold in each coin.

One of the outstanding benefits of buying American Eagles is that the US government guarantees the weight, purity and content of the coins. America is the only country that provides this guarantee.

Canada – Maple Leaf

The Canadian Maple Leaf, the world’s first 24 carat gold bullion coin is very popular among gold investors. The Royal Canadian Mint keeps the premium for these coins low allowing them to sell closer to the spot price of gold than most coins.

If there is any downside to owning Maple Leafs it is the fact that they are easily damaged. When you buy these coins select nice unscratched coins and handle them carefully.

US – American Buffalo

American Buffalo 24 Karat Gold Coin obverse

American Buffalo 24 Karat Gold Coin

The American Buffalo 50 dollar gold coin is the United States entry in to the 24 carat gold bullion market. Again the beautiful design, patterned after the buffalo nickel has made the Buffalo very popular around the world.

The American Buffalo was first minted in 2006. It usually sells for a slightly higher premium than the American Eagle.

For collectors a proof version of this coin is also available as well as select uncirculated coins with the W mint mark.

Like the American Eagle the American Buffalo is guaranteed by the US government for weight and purity.

How to Buy

50 dollar gold coins are available from precious metal dealers and many coin dealers. The American Eagle and American Buffalo are available at some banks and brokerage houses.

Never buy modern gold coins slabbed or graded unless you truly understand the market for them. Most inexperienced gold investors never recover the premium paid for a slabbed coin when selling them.

Selling your Gold Coins

Because of their popularity all three of the fifty dollar gold coins discussed here are easy to sell when the time comes. You can either work with a dealer that you trust or shop the coins around looking for the best price. Visiting dealers at the larger coin shows is an excellent way to sell your coins.

The US government requires the reporting of some larger sales of gold by private collectors on Form 1099B. However the American Eagle and Buffalo 50 dollar gold coins are exempt from this reporting requirement. Reporting requirements are scheduled to change in 2012.

Gold Coins: The Video

One of the most popular gold coin videos on YouTube, the collector here is simply showing off his collection of gold coins. The video starts with two of the coins covered here, the American Buffalo and Canadian Maple Leaf. The American Eagle is shown at about 4 minutes into the video. Total running time of the video is 9:51.